Who is eating network for?

Anyone that is passionate and open minded about trying homemade food while meeting new people from travellers to those in your local community.  Hosts that love cooking and entertaining people.  

Is it legal and can I make money?

Yes it is legal to invite people to your homes and earn money for a service that you provide.  As a guest you can determine how much you want to charge for an event on a per person basis.  It’s possible that you may have to declare the money, please check with your countries laws and be sure to abide by them.


Why become a host?

  • If you love cooking and love cooking for others then this is for you.

  • Ever wanted to open your own café, restaurant or wanted to entertain others with food, well this is your chance to start towards those goals.

  • You love meeting new people.

  • Be your own boss and earn money from something you love doing.

Can anyone become a host and do I need to be a professional cook?

Yes anyone can become a host and you do not need to be a professional cook.  All we are looking for are hosts that are passionate about cooking homemade food, hygienic and responsible.  Your dish does not need to be an extravagant or gourmet but just something that you love to cook, maybe your signature dish that you have cooked for friends and family members that enjoyed your dishes.  Remember guests are looking for an experience from the food you cook, the entertainment and personality you provide.

What information should I post on my profile?

Post what you’re going to deliver on the day, so if it’s a three course meal then outline your three courses with an engaging description and try to make it as local and authentic as possible because that’s what the guest is looking for, If you create non authentic meals that’s fine too, remember there are many people out in this world looking for an experience and everyone has different tastes. 

If you’re posting an event for beverage tasting or cooking class then outline what the day will involve.  The more information you give the more the guest will be attracted to your personality and experience you will be providing.  If the guest has questions about your event please answer as full description as possible.

Also make sure you tell us a bit about yourself so the guest can feel comfortable.

Do I have to accept all guest requests?

No! If you do not feel comfortable hosting them or you cannot for whatever reason provide a service then feel free to decline.  But just remember the more guest you get and the better reviews you get the more likelihood that your ‘business will be booming’.  If you feel a bit uneasy having people that you have never met over then we suggest that you co-host with either your family member or friend.

How do I decide on a price for my event?

Whatever you decide on your event whether it’s a beverage tasting, cooking class or food, calculate the amount of the expenses on a per person basis to provide the service which is your breakeven point and if you wish to make a profit add a little extra onto the price for what your hard work deserves.  Make sure that you don’t charge too much for your event or overprice the event in order to attract guests.

When do I get paid and what are the charges?

You will get paid via the secure Stripe system within 5 business after the events takes place.  Eating network fees are 15% of the net amount displayed on the Hosting profile.  On receipt of your funds for hosting an event you may incur Stripe charges.

If my guest cancels or does not turn up do I get paid?

Our cancellation policy states that if the guest cancels 48 hours prior to the event then the host will not receive any funds.  If the guest cancels within 48 hours of the event taking place of the event or in the case of a no show then the host will receive 100% of the funds less eating network service fees.

What do I need to do if I want to cancel my event?

You will need to contact us at admin@eatingnetwork.com and inform us of your cancellation.  We will contact all your guests on your behalf.  The entire reservation amount including eating networks service fee will be refunded to the guest.


Why should I become a guest?

  • If you’re passionate about eating local homemade food, meeting new people and just want to try  something different then this is for you.

  • You’re a traveller and want a change from those tourist trap restaurants and try some homemade local cuisine.

  • You have moved somewhere new and want to meet people in your new community while enjoying a homemade meal or a foodie experience.

  • You simply want to try something different.

How far in advance should I book an event?

It is advisable to book at least 48 hours before you want to experience your event.  This will give your host time to accept the booking and prepare for the event. 

What happens if the minimum number of guests are not reached for the event for the day I am attending?

In some cases the host may not reach a minimum number of guests to attend an event.  If this is the case then you as the guest will be notified and a full refund including any booking fee will be debited back to your account.

How can I be assured that the host will deliver his experience and not run off with my money?

When you complete your online payment the funds will be held by eating network and only released to the host after the event has taken place.  In some case you may be contacted by eating network to verify that everything took place.  So you don’t need to worry about this your money is secure till your have your experience.

What am I paying for and how much do I get charged?

Guests pay for an event that they select.  The host determines the price of the event on a per guest.  The Host cost would cover the cost of the ingredients of the dishes they cook and the host’s hospitality.  You are also charged a small commission of 15% payable to eating network.  The fee covers payment process fee and other charges to keep the site running, including making eating network a bigger and better community.

What if I need to cancel do I get my money back?

If you do decide to cancel your event booking then our cancellation policy is as follows:

If a reservation is cancelled by a guest at least 48 hours prior to the applicable event date the Host shall not be paid any of the reservation amount and the guest shall be reimbursed the full reservation amount less any Service Fee and fees paid to eating network.

If a Reservation is cancelled by a Guest less than 48 hours before the applicable event, then the Guest shall not be entitled to any return, credit or reimbursement.

If a reservation is cancelled by a host then you (the Guest) will receive 100% of the reservation amount including eating networks service fee.

What do I need to bring?

You should not have to take anything with you to the event, unless the host has specified on the profile things such as BYO drinks.

What do I say in the booking request?

Upon booking an event you are given the option to add a comment that will be seen by the host (request a date and takeaway only).  This is your opportunity to share information to your host that could make you and your host feel more comfortable.  An example may include food constraints that you may have or even tell them a bit about yourself so the host can get to know you a little before you arrive.  If you are uncertain or have questions you can email the host using the message button on the hosting profile (Meet the Host section).

What about the service and Hygiene provided by the host?

We are looking for responsible host to provide our guest with a great foodie experience, so for host to get returning guest it is in their best interest to have positive reviews about their event.   If the service or hygiene is inadequate please report this to us via email admin@eatingnetwork.com and we will contact the host.