About Eating Network

Based in London, United Kingdom, eating network is a community for anyone that loves food and culinary experiences. Eating network brings together 'hosts' who love cooking for others, and 'guests' who can be anyone from travellers seeking a genuine cultural food experience, people traveling on business, people living in the local community just wanting to eat delicious homemade food or anyone really! Its an online directory to meet local people and experience cuisine in a way you just can't at typical restaurants or takeaway place.

Eating Network was inspired on a trip to Marrakesh, Morocco. We wanted to learn about Morrocan cuisine and wanted to do a cookery class. However all classes in the city were booked out for our entire stay!  So our riad owner suggested that we cook with his in-house (or in-riad) chef - a local of Marrakesh.  We thought that this was a great idea. With the help of our new teacher and cook, we decided on a typical Morrocan three course meal that we wanted to learn to cook, and of course enjoy afterwards.

Together with our riad chef we ventured out to the local market (souks) to buy all the ingredients we would need. Back at the riad kitchen our practical cookery class began and we started preparing and cooking the dishes with our teacher 'the chef'.  We had a great time learning about new techniques and spices, as well as life growing up and living in Marrakesh. That evening we were served the meal we helped prepare and it was by far the best meal we had on the trip – local, fresh, homemade and tasty. We gave her a generous tip as we felt the experience of learning how to cook local Morocan food combined with getting to know a native of Morocco was really worth it.

That memorable experience has inspired me to create this network and allow people to make connections though their shared love of local homemade food.

This not only provides an opportunity for guests but also 'hosts' who can share their cooking skills with a worldwide audience.

So if you’ve got a great signature dish or culinary experience that others would enjoy and you like meeting new people then sign up and become an Eating Network host!

And if you’re looking to appreciate cuisine like the locals do then sign up and become an Eating Network guest!


Roshan, (Founder)

I love food, so join me on this journey!